Jason Shaw is a former veteran of the United States Army and the CEO of Verax. He is portrayed by Chance Kelly.

Character Biography Edit

Operation Raining Fire Edit

At some time in his life, Jason Shaw somehow managed to aquire the position of the CEO of Verax, a private military contract group. As part of a Verax opertion, he, his men, and other Verax operatives were stationed in Basra, Iraq. Shaw and his men somehow gained anonymous intel that American soldiers were delivering billions of U.S. dollars to Iraq to pay off Saddam Hussein. However, Verax soon hijacked the trucks and Shaw killed the soldiers before stealing the money. John Cameron, an MI6 operative working undercover for Verax, was later caught taking surveillance of the stolen money. As a response, Verax beat the truth out of him until he revealed that he was working for MI6. Moments later, Cameron was imprisoned in a cell by Verax soldiers. Some time later, Shaw and his subordinates uncovered and later obtained Saddam's WMD and other weapons and gases that were found in an abandoned village in Basra. Planning to sell the weapons presumably to dangerous people, Verax began to scrub their base. However, Cameron, who escaped with the help of another Verax operative named Dennis Evans, later ordered an air strike in an attempt to destroy the WMD and weapons. Shaw later located Cameron and shot him in the shoulder. Before he could finish him off, the air strike suddenly forced Cameron down the hill, preventing Shaw from having a clean shot on his target. The incident became known as Operation Raining Fire, which resulted in the deaths of many Verax operatives. Although Cameron and Shaw survived, Shaw's lungs was severely damaged and Cameron suffered from massive brain injury and memory loss.

Losing John Cameron Edit

Having returned to the United States presumably after his surgery, Shaw, who later discovered Cameron's current location, sent a hitman to kill Cameron at a hospital in Landstuhl, Germany. However, the mission failed to the displeasure of Verax as the hitman was killed by a CIA agent named Sonya Odum, who was ordered to extract Cameron out of the country. Cameron, having forgotten everything about his past life, later married Sonya and joined the FBI using the legend 'Martin Odum'. The Bureau maintained its efforts to hide Martin from Verax. Nelson Gates, the head of the Division of Covert Operations, a counterterrorism section within the FBI, and Sonya's former partner, kept telling Martin that he was in a car accident instead of ever being in Iraq.

Hunting Down Loose Ends Edit

Ten years later, Shaw and Verax somehow figured out that two former agents of the company who served in the Iraq War were still alive and hiding. Knowing that these two operatives, Robert McCombs and Dennis Evans, could expose Verax's involvement in Operation Raining Fire, Shaw secretly hired professional assassins to kill the two. After the two were murdered, Odum, who was investigating his past life and military service in Iraq, later discovered the location of another Verax operative who served in Iraq, Kyle Dobson. Posing as 'Len Barlow', Odum kidnapped Dobson, killing his henchmen in the process. After a few hours, Odum brought Dobson to a hospital. However, Odum overpowered and killed a few Verax operatives at the facility and later escaped with Dobson. Seeing that Dobson was more of a liability than an asset, Shaw immediately sent dozens of assassins to Dobson's location, ordering them to take out both Odum and Dobson. Although Martin killed all of the mercenaries, Dobson was immediately shot and killed by an unknown sniper. Some time later, Raymond Campbell, one of Dobson's henchmen who was arrested by Crystal McGuire and Tony Rice, was later killed by an unknown inmate, presumably working for Shaw as Campbell knew the location of one of Verax's missiles that were seen at Dobson's car repair shop.

Deal With Prince Fayeen Edit

Days later, Verax and Arcadia were confronted by Prince Fayeen, whose cousin, Prince Abboud, was the current leader of Saudi Arabia. Fayeen made a deal with both Verax and Arcadia. He agreed to let Arcadia have some control of Saudi oil fields in exchange for the assassination of his cousin. With the help of Saudi agents, Arcadia successfully orchestrated the assassination of Abboud. Hani Jabril, a Saudi women's rights activist, was later prosecuted for the crime.

Odum, who believed that Jabril was not guilty, later wrote a story condemning Prince Fayeen and Arcadia for secretly orchestrating the assassination. As a response, Arcadia had Saudi assassins led by Bashir al Kanezar and Ahmed Hassan kidnap Martin and his family. However, Martin later killed all of his captors and subdued Bashir. During his interrogation, Bashir later revealed that Arcadia was responsible for the assassination and the recent kidnappings, indirectly exposing Verax's involvement in the assassination plot. Bashir was later prosecuted for the crime.

Some time later, Shaw met with Conrad Tomlin, a head member of Verax, who gave Shaw files on Odum's legends. Suddenly remembering that Odum was the one who was responsible for Operation Raining Fire, Shaw later ordered a group of Verax assassins to apprehend Martin. Shaw, who discovered that Martin Odum was John Cameron, later set the FBI up to believe that they were hunting down John Cameron

Some time later, Shaw and Tomlin realized that Bashir was in custody and exposed Arcadia's involvement in the assassination of Prince Abboud. Knowing that the investigation would trace back to Verax, Shaw later assassinated the CEO of Arcadia, Mr. Porter.

Framing Martin Odum Edit

Having discovered that Martin killed all of his operatives, Tomlin returned to a hotel where Verax was headquartered and told him about the incident. Instead of ordering a professional hit on Martin, Shaw later elaborated on his next plan. He told Tomlin, who was planning to assassinate the FBI director, to move forward with the plan. He later hinted that John Cameron will take care of Odum and Odum will take the fall for the terrorist attack.

Some time later, Shaw disguised his voice and called Martin on a burner phone. Posing as Cameron, Shaw warned Odum that the blood will be on his hands. As he knew that Martin and FBI agents Crystal McGuire and Tony Rice would trace the location of the call, Shaw ordered several operatives to intercept Martin at the motel. Having apprehended Odum, Verax associates took Martin to a secret Verax base. At the base , Shaw finally elaborated on Operation Raining Fire. Verax hijacked American trucks containing U.S. dollars and later killed innocent American soldiers who were delivering the money to pay off the enemy. As Odum was caught taking photos of the stolen money, Verax interrogated him until he revealed that he was working on an undercover MI6 operation. As a response, Verax imprisoned Odum in one of there cells. Some time later, a group of Verax associates led by Shaw obtained Saddam's WMD and other stolen weapons. Because Verax was planning to sell the weapons on the black market, Odum, who was rescued by Dennis Evans, another Verax operative of the Iraq War, ordered an air strike on Verax's base in Basra, Iraq.

After being restrained, Shaw reveals to Odum that the air strike was supposed to take out the enemy. Lastly, Shaw reveals that Odum's legend in Iraq was in fact John Cameron. Unfortunately for Martin, Shaw set Odum and the FBI to believe that they were hunting down an shadow Verax operative named John Cameron, who was actually Martin. Moments later, a sniper assassinates Del Bennet, the Director of the FBI as Shaw and other technicians make a coerced video of Martin/John confessing to assassinating the Director.