Jason Shaw is both a veteran and the CEO of Verax. He is portrayed by Chance Kelly.

Character Biography Edit

Jason Shaw somehow managed to aquire the position of the CEO of Verax, a private military contract group. He served in the Iraq War while working for Verax in 2004. He turned heel when he commanded his troops to execute American soldiers who were giving money. The operation was known as Operation Raining Fire. It was a cover up. After Martin Odum/John Cameron was found secretly taking photos of the money shipment, Verax beat the truth out of him. Martin revealed that he was MI6. They locked Martin up in a prison. However, he was saved by Dennis Evans, who was later tortured and killed by Verax. He ordered the pilots to bomb Verax's position. As a result, the strike killed many soldiers, wounded Shaw, but both Martin and Shaw lived.

After returning to the United States, he ordered a hitman to kill Martin, who was in a German hospital. However, he was saved by CIA operative, Sonya Odum, who was later his wife.

In 2014, McCombs, Evans, and Dobson were the remaining former Verax employees that served in the Iraq War. They knew to much about the war and Shaw secretly ordered them to be killed. After telling Martin that his name was a legend, Verax ordered a hitwoman to kill him. Then, Martin uncovered the identity of another veteran who served in the Iraq War, in 2004, Dennis Evans. When Martin found him, Evans attempted to flee the country and gave Martin the identity of another veteran, Kyle Dobson. Evans was later tortured and killed. Then, Martin held Dobson hostage. Realizing that Dobson was a liability instead of an asset, a group of Verax assassins were sent to kill both Martin and Kyle. After killing all the assassins, Dobson was shot by an unknown sniper. Conrad Tomlin, a Verax associate was later revealed to have orchestrated Dobson's murder.

Shaw and the CEO of Arcadia were responsible for both conspiring with Prince Fayeen and for killing Prince Abboud. After Bashir was prosecuted for killing Abboud, Shaw killed Mr. Porter. Later, he ordered Tomlin to send Verax assassins to capture Martin. Martin killed the assassins although his wife was shot.

The next day, Shaw had a secret meeting with Tomlin. He told him to move forward with the plan. He said that their asset, John Cameron will take care of the Federal Agency that poses a threat to Verax. He also hints that Odum will take the fall for something. Verax is planning an assassination. Posing as Cameron, he later calls Martin, disguising his voice. He told him that Martin will take the fall for something. Martin and the FBI apprehend the apartment of a dead Verax associate and find proof of an assassination attempt. Then, they trace the location of the call. It was a trap, they grabbed Martin.

At a Verax bunker, Shaw finally tells Martin what happened in Iraq. Shaw killed American soldiers to aquire the money. Martin was caught taking photos of the money, so he was interrogated. Martin revealed that he was MI6. Martin then ordered that the U.S. pilots blow up Verax's position. Then, he was shot by Shaw, who was about to execute him until the strike blowed up the position. Shaw also reveals that Martin's legend in Iraq was John Cameron, an MI6 agent.

Unfortunately for Martin, Shaw is setting Martin up. Verax wants the FBI to believe that they are hunting Cameron who is actually Martin. Verax then assassinates the Director of the FBI and makes a coerced video of Martin confessing to assassinate the Director.

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