Ahmed Hassan was a Saudi assassin working for both Mr. Porter, the CEO of Arcadia, and Prince Fayeen of the House of Saud.

Character Biography Edit

Ahmed Hassan was supposedly born in Saudi Arabia. Upon reaching adulthood he became an assassin.

Prior to Prince Abboud's assassination, Fayeen conspired with Arcadia to assassinate his cousin in exchange for position of king of Saudi Arabia. Hassan was then sent to the U.S. to build drones. He and his accomplice, Aaron Rawley were secretly planning the assassination. Wanting women's rights activist, Hani Jabril, to be framed for the assassination, he planted the drones inside her apartment. Both used Jabril to assassinate Prince Abboud. She was then confirmed to be the perpetrator behind the assassination. Mr. Porter then sent Hassan to kill Aaron Rawley, who was a loose end. Later, Prince Fayeen sent to teams composed of Saudi assassins to kidnap both Martin and his family after Martin wrote an article about Prince Fayeen conspiring to assassinate his cousin. While Bashir interrogated the truth out of Martin, Hassan and two others kidnapped Aiden and Sonya. Martin then killed his captors and arrested Bashir. However, Aiden secretly sent a message to Martin. Maggie traced the call and Tony, Crystal, and Martin killed Hassan, saving Aiden and Sonya.

Victims Edit

- Prince Abboud

- Aaron Rawley